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Voyage into the mesmerizing seascapes of our ocean cruise experiences. From the dramatic glaciers of Alaska to the sun-kissed isles of the Caribbean, our ocean cruise packages are custom created to each traveling party. These vacations feature accommodations, dining and beverage packages, shore excursions, pre and post-cruise extensions, and opportunities to delve into the culture of coastal havens. With a multitude of cruise styles, itineraries and destinations to select from, place your trust in Vacation Memories by Deb's expertise to craft your ultimate ocean cruise vacation.

Embarking across the ocean is a voyage through the heart, the vast expanse of cultures, and the profound depths of self-discovery.

Ocean Cruise Vacations

Ocean Cruise Destinations

How to Travel to Alaska on a Cruise

Alaska Cruise

How to Travel to Antarctica on a Cruise

Antarctica Cruise

How to Travel to Caribbean on a Cruise

Caribbean Cruise

How to Travel to Europe on a Cruise

Northern Europe

How to Travel to Hawaii on a Cruise

Hawaii Cruise

How to Travel to the Mediterranean on a Cruise


What To Expect With This Package

Best way to book a cruise vacation with a vacation planner

World-class cruise service staff

Luxury cruise ammenities & accommodations

Days at sea & port stops with included local activities

Access to spa, fitness center, activities, & entertainment

A variety of scheduled or flexible onboard dining

Round-trip transportation to & from the airport

To start planning your next trip...

Once you're booked, explore these guides and helpful resources.

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